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Eco Club

Eco Schools Trip to Anderwood

in The New Forest


Students from the Eco Group had a wonderful day spent in the New Forest with 2 rangers Craig and Georgia from the New Forest National Park Authority. The aim of the day was for students to gain a greater appreciation of the great outdoors and to learn about how the park is managed. Students were soon immersed in the forest.


They became familiar with the trees around them and then foraged for kindling and sticks to light their Kelly kettles and brew up a hot drink.


After seeing who was brave enough to put their hand in a wood ants nest (The Bear Grylls challenge) we headed for the river and carried out a survey of biological indicator species and tested the water for nutrients.


We were pleased to find out that the water quality of the river was very good. We also learnt a lot about how rivers are managed in the forest to protect habitats and prevent flooding.

On Tuesday 28th of June the Eco squad that has helped across the projects this year went on a reward trip to Anderwood in the New Forest. On this trip we worked as a team debating and exploring with the help from two new forest rangers. We learnt how to use flint and steel to create a fire which we then used to make a hot chocolate. In the afternoon we carried out a river survey where we found the water quality was excellent and found plenty of little invertebrates as well as some fish!

Thank you to all the teachers we loved our Eco trip!

Emily James


These days it is almost impossible to just stand outside and listen, yet that’s just what we did on our trip to the New Forest; a gem we take for granted here. I believe that the school should give us more opportunities to just stand outside and have a break to take in the place we live in. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed, not only the scenery, the teambuilding activities they gave us; such as: leading our blindfolded partners, debating in the roles as stakeholders, catching native wildlife in the rivers, testing the water quality and , most of all, sticking our hands into ant nests!

Anyone who has time, go into the forest and appreciate the place we live in!

Alexander Davies