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Action Plan

Action Plan Every September, the lead team carry out a review of the school and develop an action plan for the year. The table below shows this year's plan (2015-2016).


Action Point



Raise Awareness of need to reduce energy around school.    Raise Awareness of need to reduce energy in community   Support Eling Tide Mill Project 

Energy Awareness Week to include

  • Assemblies to all Year groups

  • Year 7 starter activity in lessons led by lead team

  • Tutor group quizzes

  • Lunchtime activity smoothies bike.

  • Whole school Focus Day (Taking Informed and Responsible Action) to have starters and lessons based on Energy


  • Offer energy activity sessions for primary schools including solar, wind etc

  • Send out flyer to primary schools

Visit millEvaluate resources and act as student consultants to new centre.


Encourage greater wildlife in school grounds.    

  • Make insect Houses in Eco Club

  • Support National Nest Box Week which takes places from 13-20th February 2016 by putting up nest boxes

  • Provide food for birds during winter.

  • Make bird cakes in Eco Club

  • Clear pond after period of neglect

  • Bioblitz and other surveys

  • Big Bird Watch 4th –12th February 2016

  • Plant bee and butterfly plants


Continue to develop and maintain wildlife garden. Continue developing Traditional garden

Regular maintenance with working party once a termBulb planting and butterfly friendly planting Regular club activity set upBuild plastic bottle greenhouse- community working party.

Healthy Living

Greater participation in sports via house competitions  Encourage eating fresh fruit and veg. Encourage more girls in sport

 House Kho Kho competition in May but also Khokho taught in lessons by Indian students during visit in October and in PE on wet weather days Sell Fresh produce from gardens to staffRace for Life and Road2Rio


Improve Litter around School

Remind students of litter and Green Zones in assembliesYear 7 litter picks in tutor timeMonitor litter around school and use of Green ZonesEco club litter picks once a termHave more bins on the school field. Use recycling week to campaign against litter

  • Assemblies

  • Science lesson on recycling

Global Citizenship

Work towards Fair Trade Status      Collaborate with DPS Raipur on Projects  Theme day Year 8 on India

Continue to promote Uniform SalesRun regular fair trade publicity events such as valentine rosesPromote Fair Trade fortnight ( 22 February to 07 March 2016 ) through assembliesFocus Day in Feb to have Fair Trade themeSell Fair Trade produce at Xmas FairYear 7 Citizenship day on Fair Trade delivered by KoolSkools 1.Global committee- selling items made by girls at Nardaha village at India Quiz and Xmas Fair 2. Curricular projects in Maths ( Vedic Maths and Code breaking) and PE (khokho) Variety of activities linked to India including food, drumming, rangoli, dance and production line.


Encourage recycling in school and wider community.  Reduce waste of paper and energy by unnecessary photocopying  Encourage recycling and re-using materials Reuse waste materials  

Continue Green point System for tutor groupsEngage in any local recycling campaigns  Year 7 Citizenship day –campaign - tackling photocopying poster campaign?  Students vote on designs – paper free day? Whole day enterprise activity involving every pupil in Year 9. Pupils work in teams to design an eco friendly product and market it. They present it in a dragon dens style. They may produce a product which reuses or recycles material or is an energy saving product.Adverstise to all year groups but particularly year 7 to bring in 2 litre bottlesMake plastic bottle Greenhouse


Promote importance of conserving water

World Water Day to have visiting speaker from Wells for India for Eco ClubCitizenship day visit from Wells for IndiaRaise money for Wells for India

  • Year 7 and 8 PE lessons

  • Car wash

  • Selling ice pops, lollies and drinks at sports day


Pupils have better awareness of own carbon footprint Improve awareness of how to reduce carbon footprint by green travel options

All Year 7 pupils to use carbon calculator to measure own carbon footprint in Science lessons Walk, Cycle, Share a journey Day to encourage greener transport coincide with walk to school week 16th -20th May

  • Email all teachers who have used Cycle to work scheme to encourage them to use bikes

  • Advertise in assembly with a video

  • Advertise on website with useful links and get parents to leave car at home too

  • Support from Living Streets

  • Feedback from tutor groups and prizes-raffle system

  • Book smoothie bike