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The first big project of the year was our annual Energy Awareness Week where we asked students to reflect on their own energy usage and the impact we all have on the environment. During the week the lead team presented assemblies to Year 7- 10. They also ran a starter activity for Year 7 students where students measured their carbon footprint. Many students were shocked to find that if everybody on the planet was using the energy and resources that they were using then we would need two or three planets to sustain this. You can check your own carbon footprint by visiting http://footprint.wwf.org.uk/. Year 7 also considered what it might be like if they had no electricity and considered whether all people in the World had a right to electricity in their homes. Year 8 had a lesson looking at where our food comes from and the impact food miles have on our carbon footprint.

On Tuesday 24th November there was a whole school Citizenship Focus Day where teachers used a range of stimulus material for students to discuss how they could take “informed and responsible action” in combating climate change. The materials looked at  the issues of transport, food waste, renewable energy and water usage.

We were lucky enough this week also to be able to borrow a smoothie maker bike from Hampshire CC. This was used to promote how energy can be harnessed in interesting and innovative ways. We also used it to promote Healthy Living and sustainable transport. A huge thank you to Mr Little for organising this.


Smoothie Bike 2015



As part of Energy Awareness Week the Eco Schools Club was able to borrow a smoothie maker with a difference from Hampshire County Council. As opposed to using electricity this smoothie maker runs on pedal power and was attached to a static bike.

Students form years 7, 8 and 9 had the opportunity at lunch to take up the free smoothie challenge. They had only 20 seconds to make themselves a smooth fruity drink, with ideally no lumps! The smoothies consisted of different combinations of orange juice, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple. With over 100 smoothies made, no electricity used and a fair few miles cycled the Smoothie Bike was a success and we look forward to seeing it back at Hounsdown in the future.

We would like to say a big thank you to Ellie Bolton and Ray Craig for lending us the bike and Mrs Longman for allowing us to use the Sports Hall Foyer.

Mr A Little


Student Quotes

“The smoothie bike was not only fun but also educational because it taught us about how self-generated power can help the function of everyday objects, like the blender.”

Jess Long 9ND


“I very much enjoyed saving energy to make a delicious smoothie.”

Ellis Jones 9MO


“Smoothies and cycling are both good for you. If you cycle a bit you will also save energy.”

Rachael Foster 9ND


“It was a clever mechanical machine and the taste was great.”

Thomas Chick 8LT


“I really enjoyed making my own smoothie on the bike; it was a fun way to make us think about healthy eating and using our bikes more than driving which burns fossil fuels. But of course, drinking the smoothies was the best part!”

Alexander Davies 7EW


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