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Be The Best That You Can Be

Mr D Veal - Headteacher Mr D Veal


“Be the best that you can be” means continually striving to be the best version of ourselves

“Have a Mind to be Kind” means everyone making a personal, positive contribution to our culture of mutual respect and courtesy

Our Vision

To be an outstanding educational provider, offering every young person the highest possible quality teaching, support, challenge and resources which help them help themselves to be the best that they can be.

To achieve this we continually seek to:

  • Operate at high levels of TRUST and CHALLENGE for all
  • Be safe and prioritise our safeguarding duties as a community
  • Build trusted working relationships as the bedrock for successful education
  • Provide an excellent learning environment and experiences
  • Remember that resilient young people learn good lessons from mistakes and personal challenges
  • Constantly reflect on how we can improve as a school community.

The highest levels of personal growth and achievement lead to collective success by doing ‘the right things right’.

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