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School Update 11th September 2020 - End of Week Update


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Dear Parents and Carers of Year 11 students,

As you may remember from previous correspondence, we are providing Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish) as an A-Level bridging course for those students who wish to keep up and enhance their language skills during this year. To that end, we can confirm that this provision is available every Wednesday from 3.15 to 4.15pm for students who wish to attend and the first sessions will begin tomorrow (16th September). Please be aware that this is not a drop-in session, students must be willing to commit to attend on a regular basis. If any student has not notified us of their attention to attend then they should contact Mr Ewers (Director of Modern Foreign Languages) as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Mr R Blackman

Hounsdown School

Dear Parents and Carers,

End of Week Update

We are contacting you all to provide some important updates regarding our school operation at this time.

We want to begin by thanking you all and the students themselves, for their attendance and their positive return to school this week. It has been more than175 days since most students were last in school and they have responded positively and are adapting well. Welcome to our new Year 7 parents and carers; we look forward to working with you.

The school community of staff and students are still trying to adapt to the changes outlined in our Risk Assessment, so that we can keep the school as safe as possible for our community. We will continue to update the risk assessment as necessary and the latest risk assessment will be on our website.


Well done to our Year 11 and Year 10 students on their attendance and efforts at their first Period 6 lessons.

Congratulations to our current Year 11 students on their outstanding and superb early entry exam results. What a fantastic start!


From Monday 14 September we are making it compulsory for all students and staff to wear a face covering (a mask or visor) whilst they are walking between lessons, both inside and outside of the buildings, and in the corridors when they go to break and lunch times. It is important to support everyone when walking in busy areas. This is in line with government advice.

Please would you ensure students have a face covering to wear in school from Monday. Face coverings will then need to be placed in a plastic bag during the times they are not being worn. Students can choose to wear one in school at all times should they wish. Please remind students of the following government guidance regarding hygiene measures regarding using and taking off face coverings.

Government guidance states that students must not touch the front of their face covering during use or when removing it and thy must dispose of the face covering in the designated bins around the school, or if using reusable face coverings, the student should place it in a plastic to take home with them.

Where a student is exempt from wearing a face covering according to government guidance, the school needs to be advised of this by parent/carer via email to admin@hounsdown.hants.sch.uk


Spare Face Coverings

If a student forgets to bring their face covering, they need to go to reception to collect a disposable covering for that day.


Government advice dated 8 September 2020 regarding when a student should stay at home

Having read the latest guidance about who should self-isolate and when, we have produced a summary flow chart attached which we hope will be helpful. We will update this information as and when government advice changes.

If you are uncertain as to whether your child/children should come in, please err on the side of caution and keep them at home until you have contacted via Student Services, or the Year Leader.


General Illness

We request at this time that if your young person has a cold or sickness they should not come into school and should remain at home until their symptoms go and they are well enough to return.



We are sorry for any delays by Hampshire Transport in sending information and bus passes to you. We know this caused a few questions for the school.

Please reinforce to your young person the need to keep their face coverings on during their bus journeys.

We are reviewing the current sign up system for the late bus for Period 6 lessons for years 10 and 11. More information will follow.


School Food/Catering Provision

A reminder that students need to book their food orders a week in advance for the following week. This should be done by Friday by 9.00am. This process must be also be followed for children on free school meals. If anyone has problems accessing this system, students should see their Year Leader or tutor for support.



Uniform is generally excellent. Please remember that the deadline for students in years 7 – 10 to be in the new kilt skirt is Monday 21 September 2020. A reminder that students can only wear ankle socks or tights, not knee high socks.


Curriculum Update

We continue to keep our curriculum provision and curriculum timetabling under review. We obviously want to get back to our normal delivery as soon as possible and as soon as it is safe enough to do so. However, our review of the KS3 curriculum this week in light of the 8 September government guidance is as follows:


· Year 8 Music to take place the week beginning 5 October 2020

· Year 7 Music to take place after October half term

· Drama and PE are both being reviewed over the next two weeks


The above may change if we encounter a local spike in cases or the national guidance changes.


Thank you for your support with the above and your support of this year in advance.


Timeline for examination 2020 queries from students or subject access requests.

Ofqual Guidance for Students Booklet

Letter from PHE and NHS Test and Trace to school and college leaders

Updated details for school opening including start times and school day

September 2020 Curriculum Newsletter - details published in July of changes to school for September

Government guidance on returning to school 

Dear Parents/Carers,


We are writing to inform you that as a result of the pandemic situation the school will not be hosting an Open Evening on Thursday 24 September for prospective Year 7 students for September 2021.  Therefore, there will be no late opening of the school on Friday 25 September, as noted on the school calendar for a 10.00am start.  Students will be expected to be in school at their current allocated times.


Kind regards,

Mrs Turvey


September 2020 Curriculum Newsletter

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