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Throughout the year, students will take part in Citizenship Theme Days and Citizenship Focus Days, in addition to some whole school Citizenship activities. There may also be things that students take part in out of school which can be used as evidence for their Citizenship Portfolio.

Citizenship Focus Days

There are 3 Citizenship Focus days per year; each with a different Citizenship Focus. On these days the students take part in their normal lessons but the lesson will have one of these foci.

To view the foci and the levels the students can achieve, please click on the relevant link under "The three key elements...".

Citizenship Theme Days

There are 3 Citizenship Theme days per year; each with a different year group PSHE focus. On these days the students will be off timetable and will travel from session to session during the day according to a special timetable. Their involvement will be assessed through the Citizenship levels below.

The three key elements to Citizenship are:

Participation in these activities will be part of a personal record of everything they have been involved in during the year, which they will be expected to update in tutor time, on a regular basis.