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Independent Study & Microsoft Teams

Independent Study

We believe that Independent Study is important as it:

  • Encourages and develops self-discipline and organisation
  • Broadens and extends the school curriculum
  • Given opportunities to consolidate and extend class learning and develops creative thinking
  • Prepares students for life-long learning

For Years 7 & 8 (KS3):

30 minutes tasks will be set weekly or fortnightly (timetable dependent) with a specific deadline. Tasks will be recorded on MS TEAMS as Assignments. Year 7 independent study will be phased to support with transition from Year 6...

From September English, Maths, Science and MFL Vocabulary
From January including MFL, History, Geography
From February Half Term including Technology, Ethics, Art 

Years 9, 10 & 11 (KS4):

45 minute tasks will be set weekly or fortnightly (timetable dependent) with a specific deadline and be based on qualification subjects (excluding PSHCE and Core PE).  Tasks will be recorded on MS TEAMS as Assignments.

Examples of independent study:

  • Preparation for learning next lesson: Learning phrases in languages so that they can be used during the next lesson.
  • Flipped learning: Where students are directed to read, watch or learn new material that they will then apply and use in lessons.  This allows students to focus on activities that are more complex in lesson time. 
  • Reinforce learning: Where students are set questions that test their understanding or extend their understanding of what they have studied in lessons.
  • Revision: Where students are required to revise or revisit topics in order to help embed learning in their long-term memory

Microsoft Teams

Students at Hounsdown are able to access their homework and resources online through their Microsoft Teams account. This is a system with materials continually being developed by staff for all year groups. 

If you have any issues logging in, please email admin@hounsdown.hants.sch.uk to request access.  Please ensure you include your student's name and their Tutor group.