Hounsdown School - A Science College

Visiting the School - Health & Safety

Please report to Reception where you will be asked to sign in.

Please always wear the badge you are given
When leaving the site, please sign out and return your badge to reception. For your safety and for the safety of students, please do not walk around the school site unescorted, unless given permission to do so.

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Visitors / Contractors should…

  • Not put themselves in a position whereby their actions could be misinterpreted.
  • Ensure any interactions are in open, observable spaces.
  • Not take photos or video without the permission of the Head teacher or Site Manager.  This includes children in background.
  • Not have contact with students after visit via email or social networking sites etc.
  • Only use mobile phones for telephone calls and not for any other purpose.
  • If you see or notice anything that places a student at risk, you must report it.

The school has a Health & Safety policy which is available on request or here under General Policies.

All staff and visitors have a statutory duty to co-operate with the requirements of our Health & Safety policy and to take care of their own health and safety and that of others affected by their activities by:

  • Supporting the school’s health & safety arrangements
  • Ensuring their own work area remains safe at all times
  • Not interfering with health & safety arrangements or misusing equipment
  • Complying with all safety procedures, whether written or verbally advised, for their own protection and the protection of those who may be affected by their actions
  • Reporting any site safety concerns, including any incident that has led or could have led to damage or injury or a near miss
  • Assisting in investigations due to accidents, dangerous occurrences, or near misses
  • Not acting or omitting to act in any way that may cause harm or ill-health to others.

Please click on and read the following before visiting the school...

Accident Reporting

Any accident or injury to a visitor must be reported immediately and entered in the Accident Report Book which is held in Student Services.

Copies of reportable accidents are passed to the H & S Co-ordinator who will determine if the accident should be reported to the Health & Safety Executive under RIDDOR requirements.

Asbestos Management

You must not disturb the fabric of the building without first checking the asbestos register and obtaining approval from the Site Manager.

BELLS - Fire Safety/Bomb Warning

Should the fire alarm sound (continuous bell) you should evacuate the building from the nearest fire exit ensuring doors are closed behind you.

Throughout each building there are a number of fire wardens who will assist you during an evacuation. Visitors should go to the canopy, which is the visitor muster point, located near the tennis courts at the back of the school’s main building. Your name will be checked against the visitors’ book. Do not return to the building until you are instructed to do so.

BELLS - Lock in Procedure

Should a continuous intermittent bell sound, you should stay in the building and close all windows and doors until advised otherwise.


Whilst in school, you need to be aware that anything you see or hear that relates to children, families and staff remains confidential and must not be repeated to anyone outside of the school.

First Aid

For all first aid requirements please contact Student Services by dialling 4323/4339 or reception on 4300 using the nearest phone or by asking a member of staff for assistance. Please give the extent of the injury and your location. Our trained first aider will be sent to the scene. All accidents and near misses must be reported to reception.

Hot Works

Under no circumstances can 'hot works' be carried out unless the Site Manager is notified first and permission gained.

Portable Appliance Testing

No electrical items, whether new or second hand, should be used at school without first being checked and tested by the site team.


Please keep briefcases, laptops and bags etc. with you at all times whilst on site. Please ensure that personal belongings and paperwork are safe. At no time should you leave work equipment unattended. Visitors are advised not to leave valuables in their car, however if this is unavoidable, please lock them in the boot.  The school cannot be held responsible for any losses.


Hounsdown School operates a no-smoking / e-cigarette policy, this includes the grounds as well as the buildings. Signs are displayed to remind staff and visitors of this status.

Working at Height

You must not work at height unless you use the appropriate equipment and have been trained to work at height. You must not stand on tables or chairs. Under no circumstances are the school able to provide access equipment.