Hounsdown School - A Science College

 Modern Foreign Languages Department

Learning a language is one of the most under-rated and under-valued skills in the UK. At Hounsdown, we are committed to bucking the trend and encouraging as many students as possible to recognise the distinct advantage that learning a language can give them.

All students study French on entry to the school. Students continue their study of French until the end of Year 8 where KS3 ends and KS4 begins.

Students are assessed at the end of Year 8 and a KS3 global Level assigned. We hope to see the majority of pupils performing at Level 5, with significant numbers performing at Level 6 and above.

In common with other subjects at Hounsdown, students are set according to ability. In Year 9, we endeavour to offer students a second language where possible (Spanish or German).

At the start of Year 10, students are invited to study a language to GCSE. The two year course offered is the AQA Linear course and, at the time of writing, we use the written coursework option. We use the course books 'Metro4' (French), 'Logo' (German) and 'Listos' (Spanish) to support the courses.

In recent years, we have run highly successful trips (both day and residential) to France and Germany.