Hounsdown School - A Science College

School Buses

Hampshire Transport organise and run our School Buses.

Using the options below, they should be contacted for bus passes, route allocation and bus applications.  Also, if there are any concerns regarding which bus route your young person has been allocated to, buses running late etc., please use the contact options below:

If you need to speak to the SEN Service about placements, please visit their website for contact information. 

Expectations for travelling on a School Bus

Students must be at their bus stop, 10 minutes before it arrives (Hampshire bus route timetables are available below). In addition...

  • Students must have their bus pass with them on all journeys.
  • Students must not get on the bus, if they are not approved to travel by Hampshire Transport.

  • Students must comply with the behaviour requirements set out by Hampshire Transport and Hounsdown School. Failure to do so, may result in loss of bus pass for a set period of time or permanently, in conjunction with a serious sanction.

  • Students must be polite and courteous to the bus driver at all times, as well as the other passengers.

  • Students must remain seated with their seat belt fastened, for the duration of the journey.

  • Students must treat the interior of the bus with respect.  Eating, vaping/smoking, vandalism, feet on seats etc., is not permitted.

  • Students must not distract the driver and ensure that noise level and their choice of language, is acceptable at all times.

  • Students must only travel on the bus they are allocated to.

  • Students must not get on a bus to a friend’s house (unless they have been allocated passes for the same bus), as they will be instructed to leave the bus.

Late Buses

The school provides a late bus service, which runs every Tuesday and Thursday, leaving school at 4:10pm promptly.  This service is only for students attending a lesson / club / activity on the school site after the normal school day finishes.

To use this bus, students must sign up outside Student Services the day before they wish to use it.  They will not be allowed to use the bus, if they have left the school site at 15:00 / end of the normal school day.

The late bus driver will only service the route.  Students cannot request additional stops. 

Late bus route - Students cannot request additional  stops

  1. Junction of Woodlands Road/Alpine Road

  2. Busketts Lawn

  3. Bus stop by the old black barn (adjacent to 210 Woodlands Road)

  4. Woodlands, The Gamekeeper Pub

  5. Woodlands Road, Old Shop

  6. Woodlands Road, White Horse Pub

  7. Ringwood Road, Chineham Road by Bartley Cross Café

  8. Bartley, The Hay Wain Pub

  9. Copythorne Village Hall

  10. A31/Pollards Moor Road (Copythorne crossroads)

  11. A31 Before Cadnam Roundabout

  12. Brook, Green Dragon Pub

  13. Bramshaw, Stocks Cross

  14. Minstead Football Green

  15. Minstead, Trusty Servant Pub

  16. Minstead Village Hall

  17. Malwood Southern Electric

  18. Emery Down

  19. Lyndhurst, Crown Hotel

  20. Lyndhurst, Goose Green

  21. Lyndhurst, Swain Green (end of Chapel Lane)

  22. Lyndhurst, Pats Garage

Bus Problem

If there is an incident on any of the bus services (e.g. broken down / road closure), we will inform you by email as soon as possible.

Hampshire Bus Route timetables

Please ensure students are at their stop 10 minutes before the bus arrives.

Bus 'A' Timetable

08:00 Marchwood, Twiggs Lane
08:01 Marchwood, Marchwood Station
08:03 Marchwood, St Johns Church
08:04 Marchwood, Autumn Road
08:05 Marchwood, Recreation Ground
08:07 Marchwood, Bury Road
08:09 Marchwood, Woodpecker Drive
08:11 Pooks Green, April Cottage
08:13 Pooks Green, Park Lane / Y Junction 
08:23 Arrive at school
15:15 Leave school
15:20 Pooks Green, Park Lane / Y Junction
15:21 Pooks Green, April Cottage
15:25 Marchwood, Woodpecker Drive
15:27 Marchwood, Bury Road
15:30 Marchwood, Recreation Ground
15:35 Marchwood, Autumn Road
15:39 Marchwood, St Johns Church
15:41 Marchwood, Marchwood Station
15:43 Marchwood, Twiggs Lane

Bus 'B' Timetable 


Lyndhurst, Goose Green

08:00 Lyndhurst, Pikes Hill (Police station)
08:04 Cadnam, Cadnam Roundabout (Southampton Road) - Students to use 'Waterside Tours coach BB route'
08:08 Bartley, Southampton Road / The Haywain - Students to use 'Waterside Tours coach BB route'
08:18 Arrive at School
15:15 Leave School
15:19 Lyndhurst, Goose Green
16:23 Lyndhurst, Pikes Hill (Police station)
16:27 Cadnam, Cadnam Roundabout (Southampton Road)
16:32 Bartley, Southampton Road / The Haywain

Bus 'C' Timetable

07:48 Minstead, Football Green
07:52 Minstead, The Trusty Servant Inn
07:54 Minstead, Village Hall
07:56 Woodside, Main Road
07:59 Emery Down, Faeries Cottage
08:02 Emery Down, Entrance to Notherwood Avenue
08:05 Lyndhurst, Crown Hotel (students to use 'Waterside Tours coach BB route')
08:05 Lyndhurst, Fire Station
08:11 Lyndhurst, Queens Road
08:13 Ashurst, Ashurst Lodge
08:23 Arrive at School
15:15 Leave School
15:29 Ashurst, Ashurst Lodge
15:32 Lyndhurst, Queens Road
15:34 Lyndhurst, Fire Station
15:39 Lyndhurst, Crown Hotel
15:42 Emery Down, Entrance to Notherwood Avenue
15:42 Emery Down, Faeries Cottage
15:45 Woodside, Main Road
15:48 Minstead, Village Hall
15:51 Minstead, The Trusty Servant Inn
15:52 Minstead, Football Green

Bus 'D' Timetable

07:56 Bartley Cross, Bourne Lane
07:59 Bartley, Shepherds Road Junction
08:00 Bartley, Abbotsford
08:06 Netley Marsh, The White Horse
08:07 Netley Marsh, Willswood Farm
08:09 Netley Marsh, Ridge Farm
08:11 Woodlands, The Gamekeeper
08:13 Woodlands, Spot in the Woods Bus Stop
08:25 Arrive at School
15:15 Leave School
15:25 Woodlands, Spot in the Woods Bus Stop
15:27 Woodlands, The Gamekeeper
15:29 Netley Marsh, Ridge Farm
15:31 Netley Marsh, Willswood Farm
15:34 Netley Marsh, The White Horse
15:37 Bartley Cross, Bourne Lane
15:40 Bartley, Shepherds Road Junction
15:41 Bartley Cross, Abbotsford

Bus 'E' Timetable

07:46 Bartley, Bartley Junior School
07:49 Winsor, Budds Farm
07:51 Winsor, Winsor Lane
07:53 Winsor, Compass Inn
07:54 Winsor, Mission Hall
07:58 Copythorne, Copythorne Cresent
08:00 Cadnam, Romsey Road / Pollards Moor Road
08:04 Cadnam, Cadnam Garden Centre
08:07 Bartley, Bartley Village Hall
08:09 Woodlands, Bartley Road / Purkiss Close
08:13 Ashurst, Junction of Woodlands Road / Hazel Grove
08:15 Ashurst, Busketts Lawn
08:25 Arrive at School
15:15 Leave School
15:23 Ashurst, Busketts Lawn
15:25 Ashurst, Junction of Woodlands Road / Hazel Grove
15:28 Woodlands, Bartley Road / Purkiss Close
15:30 Bartley, Bartley Village Hall
15:35 Bartley, The Haywain (for Bartley Junior School)
15:37 Cadnam, Cadnam Garden Centre
15:41 Cadnam, Romsey Road / Pollards Moor Road
15:43 Winsor, Budds Farm
15:45 Winsor, Winsor Lane
15:47 Winsor, Compass Inn
15:48 Winsor, Mission Hall
15:50 Copythorne, Copythorne Cresent